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  • Development of optical systems and components

    We have more than 15 years of experience in the development of optical systems. The scope ranges from design, the simulation and optimization of optical systems to the development of complete systems including software applications for data evaluation, calibration and hardware integration.

    Development and conceptual design of optical systems. Flexible and efficient.

    Our services


      Support in the planning, development and selection of optical systems, components, sensors and measuring instruments. more...


      Development and optimization of custom optical imaging and non-imaging systems according to your requirements. more...

    Optical simulation

      Simulative calculation of the optical properties of a system. Analysis of the signal quality, tolerance analysis, search for error sources and measurement uncertainty estimation. more...



      Talk at the DGaO annual conference on "Streamlining the workflow of optical and mechanical design". For more information click here.


      Talk at the 1st International Workshop on Metrology for Virtual Measuring Instruments and Digital Twins. For more information click here.


      Invited Talk at the LightConference 2019 in ChangChun (China). For more information click here.


      Talk on Multisequence Optics Design Software in context of the DGaO Annual Conference at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.


      In the context of the European Optical Society Biennial Meeting in Delft (Netherlands) Dr. Baer introduces a new software solution for "Object-oriented optical design".


      Talk in the context of the DGaO annual conference on "Object-oriented optical design".


      Awarded with the "Rudolf Kingslake Medal and Prize 2017". The prize is awarded for the paper "Measuring aspheres quickly: tilted wave interferometry".The award is presented annually by the "SPIE" for the most noteworthy scientific publications and is published in the journal "Optical Engineering".